The Minimalist

Person 1:”Hard day for me! so much of work.”

Person 2:”It was quite easy for me, 3-5 tasks a day, more than enough”

So I am gonna ask you to think about the above statements made by two different individuals. Do you find anything hidden in their statements except that it was a hard and tiring day for Person 1 and not for Person 2?

The answer is “Minimalism”, There might be hundreds and thousands of questions induced in your brain while you were going through those statements. Well, according to Google, a person who practices minimalism is called a minimalist.

But let me explain to you how a minimalism is a key to success,

  • A minimalist has a very short and very productive TO-DO list, i.e maximum concentration on very few things. This increases not only the knowledge of the person who practices minimalism but also increases his productivity and saves his time.
  • After doing a profound research, researchers have found that people who practice minimalism are very good at planning, organizing, revising and executing their day-to-day tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Minimalism is very rarely practiced these days because of firms/institutions over burdening employees/students with their respective works. 

When a person is given 10 tasks, it’s a basic practice of human that can be understood by human psychology, he will for sure switch over those 10 tasks to achieve at least 50% completion of each individual task, rather than trying to complete 1 task 100% efficiently.

So, do we need a productive society with 0% of sheep-work?

Do we need a reform, so that each individual generates a different idea/different concept rather than copying others?

Well, the answer lies within us, time is the only constraint!!




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