It’s The Time You leave

“Can you please say it for my sake??” was all she asked him

during those 3 minutes of the convo between them.

“I love you” – he replied

“Not this one, the next one!” she exclaimed

Both knew that second line was too harsh to get it down their throat.

Or maybe it didn’t work the way they expected it to!

“How can she forget those 3 memorable years?” – the person inside him questioned

“How can he forget the first touch of his lips on my cheek”-was all she thought

It was just a matter of time that,

The person who used to be on the top of her Skype history,

Now, was at the bottom most part of it,

Was it because Skype cannot archive calls in it??

Sitting on the floor,

He was for the first time experiencing that how cold the floor was,

Comparing it with her heart, he unlocked and locked his phone over and over again.

Both the poor soul’s exhausted slept thinking about each other,

Which both of them regretted!

Was it all about seeing each other from the corner of their eye’s,

As their best friends took the place near to them.

Both experienced a VOID in their heart,

But every VOID is meant to be filled,

And it did.


The second line was “Let’s break up”





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