The Scream

Every day he used to come home tired,
She used to prepare the supper,
Both were managing companies,
He had clients under him,
And, she had maids.


Maybe it was all about,
One hand holding reports,
Whereas the other which better suited for holding Ph.D. books,
Now held Roller to make Roti’s round.


He came home late, it was Saturday night,
She was lying on her bed,
Absorbing the pain she was undergoing because of her periods,
He held her by her waist,
She told him “Not today, my body is not in a condition to make love to you!!”
He replied, “I will figure it out.”


He threw her on the bed forcefully,
She was experiencing immense pain,
She kept on thinking that she never married this monster,
She married a person who she thought was good enough.


Maybe the society accepted the act,
As it was termed as “MARRIAGE”,
What about her body that did not!!
And it continued thereafter,
Like someone or something would be able to stop it.


She that day said “NO”,
RELATIONSHIPS are all about understanding “NO”‘s of each other, aren’t they??
How can one person’s “NO” be more important than others??
He treated his wife as a THING,
Maybe he didn’t realize
That even things respond to TORTURE & SUFFERINGS.


She came through articles on SOCIAL MEDIA,
Learnt about MARITAL RAPE,
Lodged a complaint against “HIM”,


This was my take on one of the most common but the most neglected and discarded issue. After marriage, many girls undergo marital rape, where the girl is forced to have intercourse with her partner without her concern.  The society, however, sees this issue to be normal, but what about the girl? 

Before I conclude, The whole purpose of this blog is to convey a message that marital rape is an offense, an offense which has a serious punishment. Just by tying a thread or by making her wear a ring, doesn’t give someone authority over her body!!! It must be according to the consent of her.

Article on Marital Rape by THE HINDU

Let’s hope for a better future.




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