A Man of Few Words

“Hold my waist!!” is what he spoke during the whole bike ride
*Grabbing his waist tightly*

*Acting like I was eating air and trying to overcome the oncoming wind I found that he spoke few words which were being absorbed by the helmet he wore*

“What are you saying, daddy?”- I used to say with utmost innocence
“Nothing, just make sure you be at the pickup point, I will pick you from there” – His daily statement before we’re about to reach school
“Okay, daddy… but don’t forget my surprise this time” – my daily statement :p

*He winks and gives me a chocolate bar, and that used to be a day before’s surprise*

*When I used to unwrap it, he used to suggest me to eat it during lunch*

Bye, Remember the same spot, Don’t hurt yourself, Don’t go with anyone, Scream loud enough if anyone tries to kidnap you !!”- his daily instructions like they’re gonna happen :p
*and I used to listen to the engine thumping, I knew he was about to leave*

“Daddy, I searched for you in the lunch break, why didn’t you come to see me?”
“I was buying you a chocolate, a big one” – he used to say

“Let’s take a new route today, what do you say champ”- he exclaimed
*I would grab his waist much tighter*
“Do you want to operate on the accelerator??”- he asked
“Yes, I want to”- I exclaimed with happiness
“One day, I will sit behind you the same way, Kalyan”

*Little did I know that, that one day I was waiting won’t come*

*Years passed by but he was the same person, caring, nurturing and loving*

Daddy, You have to take this tablet as per 1-0-1 schedule, okay?”- I used to order him
“I am really blessed to have you!” (with a smile he used to say)

“Take care of your Mom and Brother more than yourself”- He said
“For sure Daddy, I will” – I used to nod my head 

He never told ” I love you ” but i could hear a thousand words from him without him even uttering it, He used to convey many things in few words, I can imagine all nuclear physics theories going over my head when he used to talk with other his friends, but when it comes to me, he just used his expressions and gestures.I want to dedicate my blog’s success to my DAD, the only person whom I miss the most than anyone in this world. 

Dad the race is still on, let’s see who becomes a better father !




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