My Team Of Superheroes

Woke up this morning, felt gratified by my superheroes gesture” was the first line in his blog. It was just another day for him, jaded with yesterday’s bunch of activities he left his room to spy into the kitchen, where he was able to find his morning brunch but wasn’t able to find the person who prepared it, he realized that even superheroes go to the office, even they do work.

Hours later, he received a call from his superhero, and the conversation went on,

Superhero: So what are plans for today, where will you keep the keys?

Him: The same place, beneath the upper rack, near the corner of the wooden frame.

Superhero: Did you have your breakfast? What about your headache?

Him: Yes, and ( with a naughty smile on his face) the bread was baked properly this time..yes I am fine.

Superhero: Take care!

Him: Bye maa !! Love you too

A conversation with the parent is what we all love to have, it maybe for 2 or 3 minutes but those 2 or 3 minutes are the best moments in one’s life. My superhero used to cover me with a blanket when I was asleep, tired, and I would be shivering in cold, she will become a KGB-agent that time to walk slowly around the corners, unnoticeably across my room to switch off the Air conditioner and cover me with a blanket which I never knew how it exactly matched my mood, if it was too cold the blanket would be heavy and thick, which made me feel the warmth of it, and if it was hot inside, the fan and air conditioner would work in synchronization to provide me the exact temperature that I desired, and it was manually adjusted by my superhero.

I used to see how many hands my superhero had, maybe she had more than two hands, how can she so properly and accurately manage a totally notorious and unstable child-like me with her daily chores, she would prepare breakfast, she would wake me up with a melodious voice of her’s and by the time I complete everything, she would be standing there with a wide smile on her face, bidding me bye. She always drops me to the elevator even though the distance would be less than 3 ft, still, she would stay at the same place, waving at me, watching me go until and unless I disappear again in this huge world that I was never a part of.

19:30 hrs, the time I awaited the most when I could see two of my superheroes fighting together on little silly things, they are none other than my Mom and my Brother. And I was the one who was way too much scared to interfere in between as if I did then I would be vulnerable to my mom’s superpower of resuscitating my past mistakes. So I felt that it would be better to be a part of the crowd which consisted my dad relaxing on the sofa, laughing while listening to their arguments, and appealing me to come and watch the 19:30 to 20:00 show, titled by him was “The clash of the superheroes”.

Time slowly passed by and my superheroes were losing their power, one even went away to the world’s that was never ever been seen by the alive. At the end of the day, whenever I find blanket around myself during cold nights, I see my superhero and thank her for everything she did. I wish that I would get a magic stone or something so that I can live with them forever.


image courtesy: The Fresh Quotes

My parents and my brother are my superheroes. Who are yours???




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