A Thin Line

Once upon a time, a boy came to a city to pursue his higher education, he was very amused to see how a city used to look, as he was from a rural background, he didn’t see so much of automation and glitter in his village. When he went to his class and was observing everything, his classmates found it odd, as they belonged to the city itself.

Each and everyone in class quickly understood that he was from a rural background and hence they were showing partiality towards him in Group activities, they thought that he might not know the city culture or rather I must say that they judged the boy on his behavior. So what do we learn from this story ?? We need to stop judging people and start observing them. 

So when it comes to a certain point, we are just glancing at the two sides of a thin line, namely Judging and Observing. We need to know that we are no-where capable of judging a person on the basis of few observations, we can try to understand a person but we should never judge them. Life is full of surprises, so we too don’t know what may happen the next moment, hence we cannot take a wrong step which may sweep both of our lives. 


So when it comes to Judging Vs Observing, according to my point-of-view, one should opt to observe rather than judging. Observation will make you understand a specific person whereas judgment will make a special hatred in the opposite person’s heart for you. 

People try to judge others on the basis of their appearance, intelligence, and many more parameters but is it all about these few non-valuable parameters which may seem everything for few people but not for every legit person out there. Well, those people who judge others get judged from those “others” and later cry for the same. 


Whereas, observing people is the best thing one can do, when you try to observe a person you will get to know the likes and dislikes of that specific person without even asking him/her about it, hence making a special place for yourself in his/her heart. Observation also helps others to show empathy towards a person whom he/she is observing.  

Well, I just had to convey a message to the each and every reader to spread the knowledge on the difference between Judging and Observing, We all have experienced one or the other time these situations or maybe we even do that… We need to stop it, not because it will be beneficial for us, rather it would be beneficial for the society.

Let’s make a better world for future generations!!!


image courtesy: twitter




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