The Diversification

“I need all the files right now on my desk”- a voice ordered a team of 6 people and there was again a rush on the 2nd  floor of the office. People running around to get their tasks done that was scheduled to be accomplished by yesterday but to the team leader was amused to see how the other team leader managed to complete every task 2 days before the deadline. He approached him and the other team leader just gave a smile with his other 2 team members…When asked “How did you manage everything with few team members?”… The team leader answered, “Everyone of them is an introvert, they are very capable and enthusiastic about their work, so I assigned them their specific tasks which they completed by communicating with each other in an efficient way”.

This article is not to point out anyone but it’s about to bring the change in us which we always dreamt of. Let me classify people into two categories namely Introverts and Extroverts.

Being an introvert I am perfect at few things like managing deadlines, completing tasks, exploring my interests, living in a room with my laptop, mobile, iPod, and my sketchbook, I always felt that it’s the perfect combination I could ever get. Rather than walking or cracking jokes or uploading my personal life pictures on Instagram or Facebook, I prefer to rather write blogs and express myself, draw sketches. I love to convey my ideas and the same way I love to listen to some.

Basically, till date, people believe that introverts are those shy type of people, whereas extroverts are quite opposite, but is it so ?? We need to get into the roots of this so-called two bi-lateral behaviors, which are quite opposite and similar at the same time.

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. –Carl G. Jung

Well, we have to admit that introverts are not totally abandoning the outside world but when they are given a choice to, they would choose their books over those late night parties and camping stuff. Whereas extroverts are good at getting their work done by people because they are good at organizing people as they have a talk with each and everyone, unlike introverts who only concentrate on their primary target.

But at the same time, we need to accept that introverts plan a lot and execute their work in a smooth manner whereas extroverts sometimes fail to do the same. Let me take an example and explain, suppose there are two type’s of team leader’s in an office, one who is an introvert and another who is an extrovert, the introvert boss selects few people who have intense knowledge required for the project as introverts are good at observing and later they make their first move, whereas the extrovert boss selects people according to the way they present themselves, it might be like the person doesn’t have knowledge required for the project still he may present himself in a satisfying way to which the extrovert boss can’t say NO, hence making the wrong choice.

So, no offense to any introvert/extrovert out there, these are the things I observed, so thought to write about it.

Cheers to all the introverts/extroverts out there, we need both of them to lead a successful life.


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