The Person Inside Me

“Hello there” exclaimed a voice,
Totally tired I came home,
To realize how much I lost myself
In this messy little world,
Somewhere I lost myself,
In the depths of complete despair.

Maybe it was the inner me,
Exclaiming,Screaming and warning me about
The major part of myself that I lost.

Maybe it was all about this morning,
When I woke up on the right side of the bed,
I realized that it’s gonna be the same day,
But maybe it was all about the zeal inside me,

If it was all about crying my heart out,
Or maybe it was all about enjoying
my life in a third person view.

Tired & exhausted,
Watching,crying and laughing
over those SLIDESHOWS titled “LIFE”.
As it ended,I learnt that,
Life was not only limited to those pics we had together
But it was much more about living those moments that we used to

That day, I experienced an exceptional moment,
When I met with myself,
The person inside me just gave a wide smile!!




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