The Unbreakable Bond

“Real living is living for others”

This is what I learnt from my best friend’s. We all get thousand’s of so-called copy pasted messages on whatsapp out of which we are just waiting for one message that says;


Source: My whats-app chat.

It wasn’t a new thing for me to receive such kind of text from my best-friend as the contact name itself says.

Every time we undergo failures we hear voice’s like “Don’t worry, you will pass next time” and then comes your friend, keeps his hand on your shoulder and I don’t know from where that person gets so many motivational quotes at the same moment, I wish if I could blog them up, i would get lakhs of views on it :p

There are basically two type’s of friend’s you will encounter in your lifetime;

1. Who is materialistic

2.Who just wants to hear your opinion or your voice whenever he feels alone.

 Situations will let you go through some phase’s of life where you will get to know about the classifications you need to make according to your life-style. We ought to know that “Nothing lasts forever” but its up-to us how much hard we work to keep a person in our life, how much effort we put to deserve that specific person.

According to me, if you just party with your friends, just chill with them,bunk classes with them etc, will only make you look cool to the society but it wont make you look great in your best-friends point of view. What makes you great is the extent of pressure you could undergo for your best-friend/friend.


It’s easy to say “hi” or “bye” but it’s always hard to say “I will stand by you”. It’s not always about having that jealous type of feeling when your friend meets a new person, it’s about mapping the new person and explaining your friend about what he shouldn’t learn from him/her. 

Life is a one time opportunity, we don’t know what’s gonna happen the next moment, but we have the ability to control the near-future, but how can we control our future ?? Well, our present action will reflect our future. 

As we all know,


And by the above quote I mean to say that it’s better to have that one friend who is always by your side even if situation demands him to be on the other side, rather than having thousand’s of friends who change their sides according to the situation. 

Basically, a best-friend or a friend is a person who helps to let his friend live the life he always dreamt-of.

Life is not always about capturing people like Pokemon, but it is about letting them evolve to a new higher level, giving them the wings to fly, rather than making them lose the ability to fly by keeping them in a confined space!!.

*Sigh* we are humans anyway, so we fight with each other, and later we realize.

So fellow bloggers/readers/friends I wish you a very happy friendship year ahead, as a day consists of just 24 hrs but a year has 8760 hrs :p





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