The Bystander

26 January 2017, the date that is still recollected by a group of 4 individuals. The day they saw the world through a new vision, the day that opened their mindsets and taught them many things.

26 JANUARY 2017

After doing 2 hrs of journey the group decided to meet as a part of their re-union, they came to an end by deciding the group-up spot…it was AIRFORCE STATION, everyone agreed and came to a conclusion about timing, it was 1400 hrs sharp…

It was nearly 2 year’s that the group hadn’t been in touch with, finally everyone was very happy about the re-union. Each one of them reached the pre-determined group-up spot, lot of words were being exchanged among them when the unexpected happened, RAIN!!!

They had no place to go so they were standing under a tree and now they were experiencing heavy downpour, while having a talk there a came a GYPSY, a typical blue jeep with Indian flag on the sides and stopped by them, and they heard a voice from inside “You can have a seat, we are going to Base and you can stay there till rain stops.”..Neither of them could refuse that determined,confident and bold voice…

While they all were making chaos in the room there came an officer with stripes on his shoulder, medals on his chest and badge on the right side of the uniform, holding files and his cup of coffee he went past by them and everyone became way too quiet….Maybe it was because of the swiftness of his movement. Finally one of the group member asked him in a nervous tone “Sir, can we have an introduction of your’s ?”… to which his answer was “Why do you have that nervousness in your voice when you are talking with one of the officer’s who is serving his country with utmost dedication??” ..

Now they felt a bit relaxed and he invited them to his cabin, ordered some snacks and they were amazed to see the snacks, each one of them had at-least one snack on table which they love, which they craved for….And by observing their expression he answered without delaying “I know what are the likes and dislikes of youth as i am of the same age as you are !, but fate already decided something for me”…, Many questions were asked by them but few only he answered, they asked him about his family, his friends for which he just gave a smile and nodded his head which was an indication for them to ask something else…

Slowly the rain stopped but their questions didn’t, they were amazed to see a person of the same age sitting before them in uniform, one of the boy was so amazed that he challenged him for a friendly football match, to which the young officer couldn’t say NO and he accepted his invitation and he promised them he would come for that match. Some of them were measuring the dimensions of that big room having inspirational quotes on wall, a hanger where he had the college uniform which he wore and some certificates, they just found out a camera which was facing the desk but it wasn’t working, when one of them asked “why isn’t it working sir?” which the young officer replied “Everyone who comes in my cabin already undergoes my observation which is more than enough ” responded the officer, with a comparably lower tone he added “they are undergoing servicing” ..listening to which they had a soulful laugh..

Rain stopped by that time and they were about to leave, they made a bond with this young officer who was standing stiff and firm over his place, he welcomed them with such a warm heart which no bystander does, but he did, not only did he offer them shelter until rain came to a stop but he also offered chocolates and other goodies while they were about to leave, while leaving AIRFORCE STATION one of the girl broke into tears, when their group members tried to console her, officer told them “Let her cry, let her burst out, let her know what we achieve by crying except utmost loneliness” hearing to which the girl stopped crying and came to him and gave him a firm handshake and saluted him for his service and they went away.

It’s not always about how many friends we make, but it is always about how many lessons we learn from them




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