The Grin

He was totally exhausted working whole night and doing extra hours work at office just to ensure that he can buy his future wife all the luxuries she always desired…..

23 DECEMBER 2014

He woke up by hearing to the sound of alarm, saw the hour hand move the way minute hand moves, faster and faster, slowly he got up from his bed to see himself in a mirror, eyelids swollen, dull face, extra-skin under those eye’s narrated how much he was working for his dream.

By 0900 hrs he packed his lunch and started for his office, he knew it was going to be a long day, he was informed about a surprise inspection that was going to happen, he was not allocated leave for 25 DECEMBER, when everyone from other department got leave…

In his office he was known for his discipline and his dedication towards work, he never gave a smile, nor did he show any emotions at his workplace, he was like a stone because people cannot make him feel anything nor anyone can make him move from his position…

25 DECEMBER 2014

The day arrived, as everyone was still sleeping with their blankets on, he was taking a shower and was getting ready for his office, calendar dates changed but his dedication didn’t, but that day he was really tired and frustrated because it was a not a working day for each other employee but for him fate was already decided, he was the only one in his department who was doing his work till 0300 hrs in morning….

He wrapped up his work and went back home…

26 DECEMBER 2014

That day he went to office early carrying a hope that he may finish his work and come back early, as soon as he reached his office the cabin/work-space next to his was decorated and was looking fabulous unlike his work-space, he was amazed to see someone who really enjoyed that boring work….That night he hallucinated Santa Clause in his office and he was asking present for him, he was asking the reward Santa had to give for his hard-work that he did day and night, and there wasn’t any response from the other side, days passed on………


He heard a melodious voice coming from the cabin beside him, he first used to hate that noise but time made that noise turn into a melodious music which he used to enjoy every night when he used to work for extra hours…

She always had a smiling face which never faded even if the time was 11:00 pm, she used to have sticky notes on her desk and happily she used to work while singing her favorite songs…..

He used to do extra hours to just listen to her songs and smile….

But one day, he observed her mood wasn’t good, neither she was singing nor was she giving a smile, the only person who got affected by this except her was “he”. The next day she came to office and while she was about to leave, he started singing the same song she used to, amazed to hear a silent,serious and a loner guy sing a song…. she smiled and looked to her right side, their eyes met and he said ” I am too bad at singing ” and then each they two birds used to sing songs in synchronization while doing their work which made both of them happy…..

Santa gave his gift to him but he never realized, it was a smile on his face, the smile which we all lack, the smile which gets compressed because of stress which makes us much more frustrated and an annoying person..

A smile is what makes us happy and the opposite person too, so reader’s just show up that beautiful smile of your’s which is independent of the stress you are undergoing, things happen but if we have a smile on our face we can change the outcome of many things…. a smile can make you a friend who was stranger to you few seconds ago…

Life is all about being happy and having that positive feelings inside us which will be your’s if you keep on smiling !!  🙂🙂🙂





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