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At every corner of our life we encounter many things which make us feel pleasant and sometimes unpleasant but most of us only see the unpleasant side of our life i.e we see those instances where we lost and where we cried our heart out, it is natural that a human awaits to see him winning over another person in this marathon named “LIFE” ,  great people never feel jealousy nor do they plan to take any revenge, they will simply accept their defeat and the next time they come up with a success which is worth lot more than the amazed faces…those faces who laughed when they lost, the same faces now put up a fake smile on their faces just to let them know that they were present all the time…..

Frustration comes in youth just  because of the situation they underwent, time when no one stood for them, when everyone was ready in proving them wrong, that time the only friend they have is themselves and no one else, people left them seeing their situation, and that’s what makes them immune to people, they lose that love and affection they had towards people…..

Each one of us use this word which has a meaning which is beyond our imagination, I heard people saying that they are frustrated because two of their best friends fought, now can anyone answer me that since her both best friends fought, rather than trying to convince them and make both of them happy, she is just getting that burden over her head with no reason at all, people have to understand that 2 mindsets cannot synchronize perfectly in every aspect, they need to think that fights and clashes are temporary, love and affection is permanent.

I saw people getting frustrated just because of the food they get, when I heard this I felt that nowadays youth is misusing this word “FRUSTRATION”, they replaced the word “SAD” with “FRUSTRATION”…people ought to think that LIFE IS JUST BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL, it’s much above than that sadness and pain they experience…

It’s basic human psychology that whenever a human feels alone, he feels sad and depressed, but we need to think that there’s always a sunrise after every sunset and after every beautiful night there’s a beautiful day which spreads its sunshine in all directions regardless of gender and age. Life is always like a game, either you lose or either you win, but it is not all about your rise and fall, it was always about how much we learn from our win’s and how much we learn when we lose.

Just imagine, how a kid reacts when he loses a game….he tries to play it again-and-again until he wins, that time he celebrates his victory by dancing or singing, he is never demotivated, he will always put his efforts to win the game rather than putting that efforts to cry/sob in a remote corner where his cries will be only heard by him and no one else.

What i always try to convey is “LIFE IS JUST A ONE TIME CHANCE”, just imagine if this was your last day, you know that tomorrow you are going to die…. i want you all people to make a bucket-list and put it in comments…..

At the end of the day, you may feel you lost the battle….but you need to remember that you tried your best which some people don’t even do, you need to know that future lies in your hand…. Let me relate, if you go to gym you will be fit but suppose you sit at home and think your life is like this, you will never ever be fit again…

So, reader’s let’s just begin the day with a kick-start, let’s just live each day in a way  which gives us happiness…..people need to know that “failing” is temporary “success” is permanent and if we would not fail then how will we succeed ???

With this I would like to end my article with a “thank you” note,…. thank you all people for showing such type of love for each and every article of mine…. i am too happy to reach 500+ views… 

Thanks a lot !!

It’s just beginning, the best is yet to come…. 



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