The Gang

Whenever we hear this word “gang”, the first frame that dominates our brain is 5 to 6 people, each sharing a different face, different experiences, variant thoughts, each one of them holding discrete memories but what unites them is their strength and their will to stand for each other during their hard-times, this is what makes them a “gang” not a “group”…. Each and everyone will stand for each other till their last breath..Each one of them helps each other during their hard-times and equally contributed  and celebrated their happiness…

I still remember a gang or you can call them a family who had no blood-relation but their heart-beats were always synchronized with each other, their movements, their thoughts, everything else was symmetric, they used to laugh, they used to cry, and finally they used to celebrate happiness without any limits enforced on them.

Each one of them had different goals, one always desired to be a cook, another a writer, a fashion designer, an IAS…. but each one of them united by a so-called scheme called engineering where society forced them to give up their dreams but they had the other family which was more like the world to them, it was their gang in college.

Many criticized them but those benches which had their names written by themselves like a professional calligrapher brought the talent out of those boring classes which acted like Hitler’s speech in a closed NAZI bunker…..they could bear anything, because they had their backup with them, those friends who used to narrate them imaginary stories – the one who ought to become a writer….

It was lunch time and the lunch boxes opened with a great and soothing aroma from one lunch box, it was her – the cook , she prepared the best meal anyone could have, the meal which not only satisfied the organs like tongue and stomach but they satisfied the souls of her family i.e her gang members.

By evening their uniform got cluttered, then came into play – the fashion designer who used to scold them for every unfashionable thing they did, for every mismatch they did with their clothes, she used to teach them how to wear different outfits and changed their personality and yes she got them their life partner just by changing their dressing sense :p :p :p

By the time the next boring class commenced, it was the future IAS’s job to keep them entertained and so did she with her general knowledge, and by sharing her experiences, she made them happy in every aspect and they also did the same…

Life was always beautiful and will be always beautiful for each one of them, they were apart from this world, their gang members were the world to them, world just maintained the ratio of 30:70 laugh-cry ratio but their world was quite opposite and the ratio was mirrored,.

They grew up to become what they always desired, finally one day they met, each one of them dressed in a different attire but held the same coke can in their hand and shared the same snacks they used to do 10 years ago, environment changed but the sceneries were intact…

This blog goes to that gang which never dis-integrated, never fell apart…

The best from the rest !





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