SOAP – a short story

It was early morning Three O’clock and he woke up at a sudden, ran to his dog’s kennel and hugged him tightly. Some or the other thoughts continuously revolved around his mind about what the past taught him.


It was 0800 hrs and heavy fired opened up on Rattle-266 platoon near Afghanistan Border, He was the commanding officer back then, he and his team were ambushed at a remote location far away from their base, Comm officer ( comm = “communication” ) had already sent backup messages to each and every platoon that were deployed near their location, Rattle-266 ended up with ammunition by 1200 hrs and were left with some handgun rounds, enough to shoot themselves, because it was better than getting caught up by some TALI’s ( TALI’s is abbreviation used for TALIBAN ). Now his team reduces to 3 from 6, 2 of them were killed because of an IED and one because of TALI’s sniper. At nearly 1400 hrs…. the sky rattled with the noise of F-22 jets and the AK’s were quiet, no sound of gunfire, … Medics evacuated Rattle-266 platoon.


Since that day, when he saw his team-mates being dragged to death before him, he couldn’t take that picture out of his brain, that picture was like an endless slide show that went back again and again…Every morning he wakes up with a shock, every morning he is lost somewhere in his thoughts, every morning he forgets to SWITCH ON his television but still a movie on his TV is played, the movie rotated all about how that day Rattle-226 platoon was ambushed and how he lost his friends….

He could only hear the jingling of DOG TAGS at the base, that always reminded him of his friends, their soul’s were trapped inside those DOG TAGS,,….maybe someday somewhere he will meet them…


In this rare medical condition a person may suffer from deep depression that generally originates from the past of his/her life, Maybe he/she encountered something violent or some spine-chilling moment in their life.

PTSD stands for Post Trauma Sleep Disorder.


People always take this medical condition just like depression, but is much more horrible than depression, a person suffering from PTSD never thinks to end his life as a person in depression does, rather the person suffering from PTSD is lost in his own thoughts all the time regardless of people around him… 

To all people who are suffering from PTSD this article goes to them..

Everyone thinks to give up at certain instance of life, but giving up means giving up your goals, your desires, your achievements, your honor’s, your self respect and so on… If you can stand up and fight, you will set an example for all in a great way, but if you give up…you will just end in a 6 feet coffin, buried inside Earth, no one will know you ever existed, few people will attend your funeral and talk about the great things you did, and the next day they will end up partying late night…that’s the truth.







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  1. Hey!!
    You doing a great job by correcting our minds through the beautiful messages in each blog.
    I am a new reader here but within few articles of yours i can make up my mind to start again and continue till my level of satisfaction.
    Thanks 🙂 😉

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