NORTH KOREA – A Secluded Heaven

40.3399° N, 127.5101° E was the place where heaven used to reside but fate opposed the decision made by GOD and introduced a supreme leader Kim Jong-un…

North Korea is a peaceful country with beautiful architecture, rich culture but wait what happened next… let’s talk about culture and art first..Visual arts are generally produced in the aesthetics of Socialist realism North Korean painting combines the influence of Soviet and Japanese visual expression to instill a sentimental loyalty to the system.All artists in North Korea are required to join the Artists’ Union, and the best among them can receive an official licence to portray the leaders. Portraits and sculptures depicting Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un are classed as “Number One works”.To an extent its acceptable to portray leaders but North Korean leaders have gone too far by imposing artists to portray them everywhere….sculptures are made so as to make future generations realize about their Great leaders, and by great leaders I never meant Kim Jong-un…

Great leaders are those people who push their country and civilization to adopt new methods and futuristic practices while keeping tradition and culture intact and by making them communicate with THE OUTSIDE WORLD, but what North Korean leaders thought was “CUT THE CONTACTS FROM OUTSIDE WORLD TO MAKE CULTURE AND TRADITION REMAIN INTACT”.

Coming to movies and entertainment… Oh forget about that. We people may access lots of movies, TV series, You-tube videos, Netflix but North Korea can only access or watch one channel. Radio and TV sets in North Korea are supplied pre-tuned to North Korean stations and must be checked and registered with the police, though some North Koreans own Chinese radios which can receive foreign stations.It is prohibited to tune into foreign broadcasts. There are five major television stations: Korean Central TV, Mansudae Television (an educational station only available in Pyongyang), Ryongnamsan TV (former Korean Educational and Cultural Network), Kaesong Television (which targets South Korea) and the Sport Television (since August 15, 2015) State television is always off air until its 5:00 pm evening news broadcast, except on weekends, which start at 6:00 am, and in emergency events, live events and national holidays.

Internet access in North Korea is also prohibited and only at Internet cafe’s, restaurant’s (designated for foreign tourists)  you can access the World Wide Web, and we still think that we get only 24 mbps uploading and downloading speed, and we feel sad when we aren’t able to download a newly released movie.

And North Korea – a country facing so many problems and crisis related to health, medication, education etc and so on..but still they want to test their bio-nuclear and nuclear missiles to frighten their enemies, and by enemies I mean those people who have much more knowledge about the outside world than the so-called supreme leader.How can be it logically correct that, you know how to destruct something but you don’t know how to construct something.

This article is not meant to blame anyone but yes it is meant to change the present situation and crisis North Korea is undergoing and has to undergo if they are not realizing the impact of this DICTATORSHIP on their future generation…

Citizens of a country are like an elastic, the more you test their patience,the more damage you beget when they lose it… Some or the other day dictatorship has to end else in future we may see a dark spot on a map which used to be a beautiful country which ended up by the dictators consuming their own fellow citizens just to protect the culture and tradition which lies in their hands.

Many of us came to know about it when this young lady known as YEONMI PARK narrated about what North Korea seems to be … 

Maybe you can spare 15 minutes on the name of humanity by seeing this video…

On the other hand I want to show you how beautiful North Korea is..


Sometimes change is what we need and what we achieve by sacrificing ourselves….

I am wrapping up and closing this article here with a hope of opening closed minds, Those minds which will help re-construct the future of North Korea. 




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