The Zeal

So let me start with what i am presently facing, Last year i took up the 2 projects for which i had to go a mile further beyond my limits, was it soo easy for me ??? am i capable to do that ???…. answer came from the depths of my heart “YES” .. i had that indomitable and never dying commitment to complete the project, no matter what i face, whatever the outcome maybe, one outcome or result cannot describe who i am but yes those infinite efforts i did will.

And now after 4 months i can proudly say that i successfully completed 1/2 projects, but wait am i talking only about the project, NO… I am talking about that zeal we all should possess at workplace, at the place we learn , it’s not that we are given a work so we have to do that, but we should do that work because it gives us that satisfaction and happiness level which we always dreamt of.

I see people getting frustrated and tired because of failure in their work, and yes i accept that i used to be one of them, but now i am that type of person who has a smile on his face even after failures because i know, maybe my smile may bring smile on someone else’s face. For me it was never about WINNING THE LEAGUE but it was always about SATISFACTORILY PASSING THE LEAGUE…why because someone might be forced to win a league but no one can force someone to pass a league with satisfaction, if he passes the league with satisfaction, it means he did that work with all his passion, dedication…. 

Image result for quotes on giving upImage result for quotes on giving up

Sometimes time plays it’s game but it should be us who should win, it should be us who should be the game changer….

I hope you all achieve what you are destined for… 




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