Analysis of an Engineer’s life. 

Everyone has a dream that college will be as cool as shown in movies but when they step into their respective colleges do they realize what college is actually and they enter a wide world full of so called opportunities and we see trimming and shaving of brains. 

First year as usual for an Engineer’s life is full of surprises.. Let it be mids, assignments, projects, and faculty won’t give a f**k as they used to do in schooling. Not every Engineer is blessed with an attendance-free college 😂😂😂. First year consists nearly 80-90 % of students concentration on academics which however decreases day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute because of so called Indian education system,and not always but sometimes there’s huge amount of mistakes from students side too. 

By second year student gets alarmed by the sword resting on his neck. And yes they have so called authority to rag (i guess those people who pick garbage or wasteful materials are called ragpickers.. So those people who rag can understand who they are😜😜). 2 year is much more about going to fests and sunburns and definitely posing whole day for selfies. 

3 year is when students realize about their KT’s or backlogs and then do they know the importance of languages like C, C++, java etc. Determined, the student goes to home seriously, searches for his books which he might have given to a friend and that friend have given to another friend and the cycle continues.. Finally reaches textbook and hears a notification of being tagged in a pic, then starts the endless journey of texts, gets a call from friend about a party going on, tries to close the book which was never opened 😂😂😂😂. 

Finally dragging his body and soul to 4 year he realizes that he wasted 4 years of his life and didn’t do any productive work except filling pages or mapping roads with his so called friend who is much more than a friend 😜… 

Tired and exhausted i proudly present you an Engineer who is a mathematician when it comes to calculate how the money needs to be spent, a professor when  it comes to teach his friend at the very last moment, a chemist when it comes to mix alcohol and other beverage 😂😂… 

We Engineer’s can do much more than what people expect from us but the only thing that stops us from doing so is rules and regulation which are broken by each and every Engineer. 

Finally, it’s not all about how many degrees you have.. It is  about how much educated and well behaved you are.. There are lakhs of Engineer’s like you… But you have to decide what makes you stand out of the line… 

We Engineer’s rock and we rule...




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