What if i ask you what you do daily which is not in your to-do list ??

People these days aren’t as connected with each other as our ancestors were, there are many reasons that can be blamed such as publicizing our social life on various social platforms and this turns into a competition and then slowly revenge against each other.

Nowadays if people witness any accident or disaster the first thing they will do is pulling out their phones and taking pics/videos and posting it on social webs, for such kind of people “likes” matter not “lives”, the only difference between “k” and “v” changes future for many people.

We are becoming immune witnesses to accidents and other disasters…the problem is we became more and more self centered 

We humans are gifted with feelings which we need to show/express when we need, we just need to stop faking out emotions and feelings on social webs and need to move on with this fact that if we express emotions on social webs..we could gather few consents,sorry’s , and few “i will stand with you” comments but were those same people with you during hard times, they will bother you until and unless you are on social platform….the time they realize their call balance is much more important than your present emotional status and they will wait until you come online and then will they do a call, but till then you have to fight your battle with few of your true friends…

Is it soo hard to help any person who is in need of help ??  or is it that hard to bring up an emotionally broken person back to this world ?? When each question has an answer i guess for every deed we do,  we get a push according to the deed we do… and that’s the basic principle of KARMA… ” what you do is what you get” 

We know sometimes it’s not that easy to help but yes you can at least apply some cream on a cake rather than making a whole cake…it depends on us what we want to become, either soil for a plant and help it to grow or a fertilizer to destroy the plant.

Maybe this article of mine will make an influence on you..

We need to stop living this “BOT LIFE” and we need to switch to a life full of happiness and we need to get attached with the present people around us forgetting about who is gonna leave you in future or who left you in your past..

See people,  life is simple, success will give you name, but after earning that name you need to celebrate and you can open heartedly celebrate when people love your soul not your physical appearance.. i hope you already have such friends to share your moments..





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