THE MASK’eteers

Human beings are the only creatures who can express,understand and react to emotions shown by others but nowadays we can observe that so-called “socialization” has gone beyond a certain limit and people are not masking their emotions and showing those emotions which is expected by the person in front of him.

Let me put this in a simple way, suppose if someone tells you a joke and it’s a natural reaction that you laugh, but if you are opposed by some sort of joke..still you laugh to make that person feel comfortable and convey that the joke was a nice one but actually you didn’t feel so, People are simply trying to make other’s feel comfortable and in between they are forgetting themselves,the worst thing happens when the opposite person is too damn happy but the reality bangs him down on the floor from the sixth sky.

I agree that we as humans need to socialize and express our feelings to one-another but we should not mask our emotions or fake our emotions, we should display what we feel…it is not about how comfortable the person standing opposite to you feels but it is how he sees you/understands you as a person…you may seem like an enjoyable person with lots of wit but who actually you are is just known by your family.

The difference comes when you act as yourself in a situation where you framed yourself as a different person 

We all at some instance of time disguise ourselves as a person we want to become but is it that much worthy??  So to make a person happy be yourself and if he/she really loves you as what you are then he/she will stay with you forever, but if you mask yourselves then she will love that person who she sees,not that person who disguised and finally when you show your true colors you can’t feel anything but void.

Why can’t we be ourselves rather than making someone else happy,We may come across many people in our life who are masters in deception, they seem to be on your side but when time comes they play their game and change the sides and it’s the time when you realize that you are caught among people wearing masks.





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