LIBRARY-a place where eyes read heart.

It was a wonderful and exciting morning for him as he was going to the same place where he met her 10 years back.Many things changed now as he was helping his 2-year-old to tie shoe laces.Both had the same excitement today of doing something new after years…


Aisha was one of the regular book reader who came to the library which was around 30 km’s away from her home…she always found the library peaceful and full of positivity and so did he…

He was always searching for the technical stuff in various rows which was followed by the literature row.His eyes continuously browsing for the python scripts and his hands scrolling through lot of books….searching for the book he was excited about, by mistake his hand hit a book and it fell down..while picking it up he saw the literature column..a book titled “LIFE-a fruitful choice”..his eyes gazed over the whole index of that book in a minute and his choices shifted for a week…

He drove home happily with that book waiting to be read..that night gonna be a sleepless night for both.The next morning he woke and as always he was late because of his habit of reading books late night,He left the tram in a hurry and forgot his beloved book….that night he searched for the book continuously and couldn’t sleep during nights,days turned out to be disastrous for him.

Aisha was that type of girl who read all romantic books and completed a total series of them, “this book is totally different for me”- her soul said to herself when she was on page no 164 of 166…happily she closed the book with a bookmark and kept it in her leather bag with lots of stickers on it, She had to travel back to her home, and she again opened the bookmark when she read “all trains arriving to St.Keith’s station are delayed because of heavy snowfall”, she was happy that she completed and was happy that she read that book..

His eyes were continuously looking for the book he read till pg no: 81…He asked the librarian about whether he received any lost book…sad and somber he returned to his coding rack when he heard someone adjusting books, he saw a teen girl,adjusting her hair with one hand and books with other,brown eyes,fair skin,and her glasses were a compliment for her face, the only thing that amazed him was the book in her hand..he rushed towards her and he was too close to her that she could hear his breaths and his heartbeats, his words coming out in confusion but she understood everything and handed him the book…still she couldn’t get her eyes off him until she felt tears on her foot,he was crying for an inanimate object which left her in astonishment….

Thereafter everyday their eyes had a lot of talk in library,slowly the books began to lose their presence in their bookshelf as they both were busy reading and understanding each other…Laggardly they came near to each other and were very happy as a kid is when he knows that many presents are waiting for him downstairs…

Things changed a lot but eyes still were the same after 10 years..gazing each other,the only thing that was added to library were the CC camera’s..whereas the books recorded their story…….

” Many things happen in life but everything is for a purpose ”  

Topic courtesy: Sai Srujan




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