So here i am after a quite interval of time as you know engineering sometimes gives psychiatric disorder because of which you loose your thinking skills and mug up for exams.

Now the title itself suggests RUNAWAY which is actually a journey in which we runaway from our day to day problems and stress caused because of that problems, this maybe because of our hectic schedule or maybe because of our work but yes everyone of us have this problem.

Everyone of us feel like we need to get over our daily schedule of being productive and do something that relaxes us from our roots and brings that comfort and joy into our life.

So my idea of having weekends is to go to some unknown place and explore that place letting out stress,time and every sort of such thing from our mind and enjoy that moment with ourselves (until and unless you are single 😛 ).

Image result

Life is not all about getting education and earning a well paid job,but it is all about learning new things and grabbing knowledge from various people and their experiences, you can only experience if you perform an activity .

There are many episodes of life we are missing as we grow old, every episode is related to something and if we miss that episode we miss a part of life which we may have enjoyed a lot.There’s too much hush all around the world, maybe we should stop for a moment and think about what we achieved and what all we could have achieved.

So, my friend there are lot more things you can achieve and lot more things are waiting for you in your life, maybe you could find one and stay happily with it, maybe this article will bring that kid outside and you will jump away from your bed and explore new places and meet new people.

LIFE is not about how you live but it is about how well you spent each second of it sorenkierkegaard414008.jpg


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