-Whenever we are frustrated,tired of our living,tired of our daily routine which doesnt give us that punch and kick-start we need to live a day, that’s the call my friends,to see a new hope, you need to develop a positive thinking towards day to day activities.

-It’s not that hard to learn new learn new things and finding a way to be happy engaging ourselves in the work we love to do, we all are sent for a purpose to live for and we need to accomplish that purpose in any condition.

-We see people living a luxurious life and sometimes we get jealous about that,but do we ever see how much effort they put before that!. It’s all about never ending and burning desire in you. A ray of hope is like a Lampyridae ( lightning bugs ) in a moonless night, it emits a light which is too feeble to be seen naked eyes in broad daylight but you can see it clearly during night. The same way you have to work soo hard in morning that all your efforts can be seen by the whole world during night or when there is darkness all over the world and your efforts glow.

– There’s always a hope in this world as your talent will always be recognized one or the other day.This world runs on mutual dependence, so somewhere in this world there’s your requirement to get a task completed, and this will only happen if you won’t quit.

– A ray of hope is always there, learning from our mistakes do we excel in our field….i came across this quote yesterday which i want to share with you people..sundarpichai-1.png

-It’s not easy for all of us to succeed in the first attempt but if we quit we will be called as “losers” which no one of us likes to be called with that “tag”.By mistakes we learn and by learning we accomplish our goals.

-“A RAY OF HOPE” as the title itself suggests that we need to live our life like a soldier, three basic rules we need to remember are;

  1. Hard-work
  2. Dedication
  3. Learning from mistakes

-For example, a tortoise walks slowly and it does it whole of it’s life but never gives up,now imagine few of us undergoing the same situation as that of tortoise, some of us may give up while some of us won’t,those who won’t give up finally achieve what they were destined for and their story’s will be narrated to people who didn’t make it to their destination..


the one whose achievement is narrated or the one to whom the achievement is narrated.




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