indian-army759.jpgIt was a quite normal day, i was with that officer(name and designation to be kept hidden) who belonged to INDIAN AIR FORCE(IAF) squadron. One of the finest regiment in INDIAN AIR FORCE.He gave me his introduction a day before and his daily routine.

Not everyone can be that perfect as he is,pushing beyond the
limits he was one of the finest diamonds that was sharpened who could act as a medical syringe heeling people and a sharp knife which can kill enemies.

Morning he woke up at 4:00 am sharp without alarm beeping as he saw me his lips said ” we don’t need alarm to wake us up,we are always ready and prepared even in sleep”, i could see that discipline and firmness in his walk even after getting up from bed, he knew where he has to go even in sleep.

While having his breakfast i saw the way he ate his breakfast was soo smooth and decent, the way  he was holding fork between his right thumb and first finger without stressing his fingers., it was merely a second i started observing the way he ate and he observed in that second gap….proving he had all qualities that an officer has.

-Then we waited for the convoy and i was quite excited to see ambassador’s but when the convoy came it was a much of a surprise for me as i saw a blue gypsy marked with AIRFORCE circle,a black ambassador and two green patented bullets ( maybe 350 cc aluminium engine ). I jumped on the back seat of that gypsy so that my eyes could  capture both front and rear of the convoy as i had a special part for army in my heart.

-As the convoy moved i could feel the thrust of engines around me..it was the sound of  1300 cc engines in which i was seated. As i passed the cross-road i could see some kids peeping out of their car windows just to see our convoy,maybe army outfit fantasized them.

While reporting his senior officer, the way he stood before his senior officer was quite interesting, left shoulder matched the height of right shoulder, in “at ease” position those medals on his uniform gave the best look ever possible for a man.The way he saluted ( in AIRFORCE, salute is given at 45 degrees) showed his training to be firm and confident.

By the end of the day i was quite tired filming and writing notes on his schedule and when he removed his medals from his uniform to keep them in locker i could see that glare in his eyes,that respect for his uniform, later he removed his service pistol pulling out the magazine and removing bullets from it and submitting it at counter saying his AIRFORCE id number in a satisfactory tone, which narrated a story of all his achievements in-spite of all the troubles he had.

-While going back to bed when i thought to tell him that i am going to leave he saw me and said ” i know you are leaving,yesterday i saw your ticket and i am happy that yo enjoyed your day with me”…..before i could say anything he turned back and said ” sorry, i deleted some pics from your memory device ( actually army people are much technical ) because they should be only inside army fences, you already captured glorious moments using your eyes”..hearing this i thought when did he do all these things and it was no sooner or later did i realize that he was a trained soldier.

Before leaving him i thanked him for everything he was doing for our country, he gave a handshake which was a firm one.

To all people who are protecting our countries,we are proud of you and will always be.. JAI HIND


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