Every single day in college i find people loosing faith in themselves and that’s because they are not able to find motivation in small small things…In this E-world most of us are not even able to concentrate on little things and so we can never find happiness.

Motivation is with which you have that confidence to complete hard and nearly impossible tasks..Everything depends upon one’s way of perception and how we face the problem we encounter..Maybe all of us don’t have that much guts to face the problem in a bold manner but one thing which i observed is everyone fears of what will happen if they fail…will they die ?? No right.Fear is just a feeling like happiness and nothing else.

We hear from our friends about their problems and issues and their family matters.So if we consider statistics if we have 10 true friends and if each one has at least 2 problems so we can see we have 20 problems considering the minimal way.So that happens because of lack of preventive measures and lack of concentration.

Motivation is much easier to find let it be a bird trapped in a closed room, it will hover here and there to find a way out through windows or doors but it will never leave the hope that it can’t get away from that room.

Everything lies in our hands, the way we receive a situation and accordingly react to it….



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